Mi choznoabuelo

Esta es la biografia ( en ingles) de mi choznoabuelo William Jameson, bisabuelo de mi abuela Rosa Maria Jameson.


William Jameson was born in Edinburgh in 1796 and studied at Edinburgh‘s Royal College of Surgeons ca. 1814-1818. Between 1818 and 1826, he made several voyages as a ship’s surgeon, first to Baffin‘s Bay and later to South America. In 1826 he settled in Quito, Ecuador, and in the following year he was appointed professor of chemistry and botany at the University there. He was made assayer to the mint in 1832 and director in 1861. In 1869 he went back to Edinburgh (by way of Argentina, to visit his sons), and returned to Ecuador in 1872. He died shortly thereafter.

Jameson carried out botanical investigations at Baffin’s Bay in Ecuador, and in other South American countries; corresponded with Scottish and English botanists; sent plant specimens back to Great Britain (possibly elsewhere?); and published articles in a half dozen British and Scottish botanical journals. In 1864 he was appointed by the Ecuadorean government to write a flora of Ecuador. Volumes 1 and 2 of his Synopsis Plantarum Aequatoriensium (in Spanish) were published in 1865, but the work was not completed. [The British Museum has the text of the unpublished 3rd volume, p. 1-136; the U.S. Department of Agriculture Library has a Photostat of this.]

Jameson apparently also continued his studies of chemistry, as one would expect from his position as assayer to the mint. The biographical sources consulted did not mention any correspondence with chemists or any publications on chemistry, but the Gray Herbarium archives contain what appears to be a manuscript for a text on chemistry, probably never published.





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